Interview with Chris

A few weeks ago Chris from Romania sent me a message over the Internet.He told me that his girlfriend and he celebrating 3 years together this month, that she’s had some rough times lately and that he want to make a nice and romantic gesture on their anniversary. He asked me to write “ANCA, CRISTI TE IUBEȘTE” (which means “Anca, Chris loves you”) on a large piece of paper, cartboard or something and then take a picture of myself (or someone else) holding it. His goal was to have 20 or 30 pics from all over the world. He said that he will make a book with all the pictures and names and locations written under each picture in hope that it will blow mind of his girlfriend. I found the idea was very romantic and decided to help him.

Now, when the project is completed, I spoke with Chris:

ME: Tell me something about yourself, about your interests. What are yours life goals?

CHRIS: I’m currently a medical student in my 4th year, so my life goal is to become a doctor. I don’t know what kind yet, but I like cardiology/general surgery/emergency medicine. I will see what I will do when I finish my 6th year.
My interest besides medicine is photography, which I have always loved. Other than that, I like swimming, running, weight training, rock climibing, hicking. Anything to keep fit really.

M: You and your girlfriend celebrated three years together this month. How did you come up with the idea to make such a nice and romantic gesture and ask people from all over the world to take picture with “ANCA, CRISTI TE IUBEȘTE”? How did people react? How many people responded to your letter? Statistically speaking, how many letters did you sent and how many photos you got?

C: I remember that in 2008 I saw a guy on asking people to take a picture of themselves holding a sign for his girlfriend. He managed back then to only get a few pictures. I told him I would like to try this idea one day. So now in 2011 I figured I’ll try what he did, but hopefully with more succes. I began sending messages on, but from 100 sent message I only got 1 response. I did not like these numbers. Then I remembered I had a deviantArt account and I thought that the community there would help me more. I was right. From the 900 unique members I have sent messages to, 120 responded that they will do it. Their reaction was great, they though it was a unique and romantic idea and that they will help me. From the 120, 80 sent me their pictures. Those 80 pictures were from 39 different countries around the world from 6 different continents.

M: Do you have a favorite photo?

C: Actually, I like all of them, I don’t have a favourite. But the one that amazed me the most when I saw it was from the kids in Indonesia. Anca’s favorite is the picture from Argentina with the magnetic flower.

M: What will you do with all that pictures?

C: I made a printed album for her, with most of the pictures. And I wrote the name and location of the person who did each picture.
I also made an online album on flickr for the people that sent me the pictures, so they can see what others did.

M: And finally, do you have something to add?

C: Yes, if someone else wants to try this idea, they can always count on me for support. I can give tips and also make a picture myself. 🙂

Is he managed to “blow her mind”, judge yourself. All photos are available at LINK


~ by mladenkesic on 23. February 2011..

3 Responses to “Interview with Chris”

  1. Lovely 🙂

  2. Kako mogu stupiti u kontakt s nekim ko je ovo uspjesno odradio ? : D
    How can i speak with someone who already did this ?

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