Fontain Fight

Fontain Fight is located in the center of a circular avenue in the park at the upper Kalemgdan , in Belgrade , Serbia . The monument represents a fisherman that is fighting with a snake. This monument is also called “Unhappy Fisherman”. The author of Fontain Fight is a sculptor Simeon Roksandić. The sculpture is made of bronze and is 150 cm tall. Simeon Roksandić made this sculpture in 1906 in his studio in Rome . He was preparing this monument for an exhibition about the Balkans, held in London , in 1907.

Fontain Fight has an interesting history. The author was informed that the monument had sunk with the ship carrying his sculpture. As the artist still held the gypsum mold, decided to make another identical figure. Later he discovered that the first figure was not sunk. Thus, it was created two completely identical copies. One copy of the monument was acquired by city of Belgrade , and another one was acquired by city of Zagreb . At that time it was a unique case that some work of art is located in two different places within the same country, but today, of course, it is no longer the case. Fontain Fight was placed in Kalemegdan in 1912. The fountain is protegidа by law, as a cultural monument, like all other monuments in the park Kalemgdan. In Zagreb , this monument was placed in Jezuitski trg (Square of the Jesuits) in Gornji Grad (Upper City) . Simeon Roksandić (1874-1943) belongs to the older generation of serbian sculptors. His works represent the beginning of the sculpture development in Serbia .

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