Gardoš – Zemun

Gardoš (Serbian Cyrillic: Гардош, Hungarian: Gárdos) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade’s municipality of Zemun. Located on the slopes of the hill of the same name, with its tower and preserved old architecture, Gardoš is the major historical landmark of Zemun.

The Millenary Monument was constructed of stone and brick as a viewing tower on the summit of Gardos Hill in Zemun. Its architecture shows different styles, with romantic elements predominating.

Its position at the top of Gardos hill also provides visitors with a beautiful view back over the town center. From Gardos one also has the broadest panorama of Zemun, and the view of the old city centre nearly has a therapeutic quality. A visit to Gardos and the view of Zemun’s roofs and the church bell-towers has many times helped find serenity of soul. Today the tower is the place of various cultural activities.

It is so beautiful here at night, so bring some friends and walk here. You have some bars that you can visit and have a beer or what ever you wanna drink. It is a romantic place at night. I suggest you bring your dates here or your girl friend.

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